Cultivating a healthy mind in a healthy body

Walk 100 miles in 24 hours

An avid sportsman, particularly fond of walking himself, founder Nour Addine spearheaded the launch of the first ever African Centurion Walk  in 2016 on the infamous Robben Island. This is the very same place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years before being emancipated and becoming the first black president of South Africa.

“Walking is the one sport any able-bodied person can do: we are designed to walk.”

Nour Addine Ayyoub

The story of an African Centurion

Fundiswa Sandi would become a Centurion in the 2018 edition, finishing the 160km under 24 hours.

How to prepare yourself for such a race

Watch Michelle Lobel’s story.

A new home for the African Centurion.

This walk is not just about physical capacity; it is largely also about mental strength. Your body can stand almost anything; it’s your mind that you have to convince. If you’d like to put your physical and mental stamina to the test in a unique environment surrounded by like-minded individuals who are walking for a cause – not for applause – visit African Centurion to find out more.