Voices of Humanity

Born from the vision of businessman, philanthropist and founder Nour Addine Ayyoub, an international team from the Ayyoub Foundation is embarking on a sweeping project to celebrate diversity and, in a sense, to rehumanize humanity. Called Voices of Humanity, the project takes in a series of remarkable journeys around the world in a bid to both collect and share the literal voices of humanity. Its mandate will also be to connect grassroots projects with organizations capable of providing the resources they need.

The overall idea is simple: working from a cutting-edge mobile studio from inside the ZaiTruck, the team – comprising a researcher and a video journalist – uses a specially formulated questionnaire to interview a stunning variety of people. At each point in its journey the team is also setting up a small mobile cinema to show people selected recordings from prior stops, acting as a cultural connector as well as a documentarian.

Ultimately, these interviews will form a record of the human species in all its glorious diversity, with the overarching aim of preserving the universal threads in the stories of our humanity and our home world for future generations.

Each record will be meticulously transcribed, tagged and indexed before being uploaded to a website that anybody can freely access and peruse.

The questions being asked have been carefully designed to gain meaningful insight into both the people interviewed as well as topics of broader social and philosophical importance.

The Voices of Humanity vehicle made its way from South Africa to the top of Africa along the old Cape-to-Cairo route carrying the precious cargo of its various encounters along the way. It’s now tackling its next journey – this time through the USA.

Dedicated to telling the stories of humankind from across every culture and creed, the Ayyoub Foundation not only creates a platform for people to tell their stories but seeks also to truly hear their stories. In hearing the most pressing issues faced by the people in our global village, the Ayyoub Foundation is committed to spearheading initiatives in response that could bring about lasting transformation in their communities.

The Voices of Humanity project is still in its gestation period and is open to public participation at every point along the journey, however, if you are a film-maker or aspiring film-maker, we’d like to invite you to add your voice and expertise behind the lens to support the global #VoicesOfHumanity movement.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with Dominique Vandenhoudt at dominique@ayyoub-foundation.org and let your voice be heard among the Voices of Humanity.

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