A true gift comes from
the heart. It’s unconditional.

Nour Addine Ayyoub

Our mantra?

Give without condition.

The Ayyoub Foundation is a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation. Originally founded in 2017 by Belgian-born businessman and philanthropist Nour Addine Ayyoub, the Ayyoub Foundation works to realize the fundamental human right to freedom and equality for all. The foundation is built on the belief that there is strength in diversity and that, despite our differences, humanity is united by its commonality.

Voices of Humanity

The Ayyoub Foundation, with Nour Addine at the helm, is embarking on a sweeping project to celebrate diversity and – in a sense – to rehumanize humanity. Called Voices of Humanity, the project takes in a series of remarkable journeys around the world in a bid to both collect and share the literal voices of humanity. Its mandate will also be to connect grassroots projects with organizations capable of helping with the resources they need.

The expedition

The Voices of Humanity vehicle made its way from South Africa to the top of Africa along the old Cape-to-Cairo route carrying the precious cargo of its various encounters along the way. It’s now tackling its next journey – this time through the USA.

Delft Incubation Centre

South Africa is in a bind: in a post-apartheid setting still beset by inequality, youths finish high school only to be upended into the world with no meaningful employment options. Unable to find jobs, they dissolve into poverty – and cope through crime and drug abuse.

Working is a human right.

African Centurion

Cultivating a healthy mind in a healthy body – particularly in this age of high-tech distraction and the ‘always-on’ lifestyle – can be challenging to say the least. Walking, be it in nature, on suburban streets or simply a treadmill, provides space to clear one’s head, process the events of the day and maintain a healthier physique.

Mandela Day

Celebrated each year on 18 July – Mandela’s birthday – Mandela Day is a global call to action celebrating the idea that we all have the power to transform the world. The Ayyoub Foundation, in partnership with House of Compassion, supports each year by distributing 500 loaves of bread in the township of Delft in the Western Cape.

Latest updates

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